Singer Sewing Machine Guides - Bobbins (general)

  • Use only bobbins that are the same class/style as those that come with your machine – don’t substitute!  SINGER® branded bobbins are recommended for best results. 

  • Wind thread on empty bobbins only – don’t wind additional thread onto partially wound bobbins, as this can cause stitch irregularities when you sew.

  • Don’t overfill bobbins or they will not move freely in the bobbin case.

  • Make sure thread is correctly seated in the bobbin winding tension disk of the machine before starting to wind (see your machine instruction manual for more information).  The thread that is wound too loosely can cause machine jamming.  The thread that is wound too tightly can distort or break the bobbin.

  • If a bobbin becomes chipped, bent, warped or damaged, discard it & replace with a new bobbin.