5 Best Sewing Projects For Kids

Here at Singer Outlet, we love sewing as much as humanly possible. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our Singer sewing machines and range of other sewing products we offer and are extremely proud to help sewers of all ages and abilities. Sewing is an amazing hobby and we want to help inspire the next generation of sewers in this blog post – here are our top pics for kid-friendly sewing projects. This list will focus on projects which offer finished products that kids will love, whilst not pushing the difficulty too far. These projects will be perfect for introducing young people to sewing and possibly starting a lifelong hobby.


Cushions are a super simple way to get started with sewing. Once they get going with it your kids are sure to develop a love of sewing so expect their bed to be stacked with cushions. After they’ve had enough practice graduate them to photo pillows and cushions – they make a thoughtful gift they can be proud of making. This basic introduction to sewing is a brilliant way to get your children used to using a sewing machine and could spark a lifelong passion.  

Drawstring Backpack 

Practical and functional, a drawstring backpack makes a fantastic sewing project for kids. It is a great way for them to start sewing and once they get the hang of it the result is a brilliant bag they can show off to their friends. They are sure to stand out at school with their very own hand-made drawstring bag – even when everyone is dressed in the same uniform, they can express their individuality with their drawstring backpack.

Tablet Case

We are often looking for hobbies that don’t involve screen time – like sewing - but the reality is technology such as phones and tablets are a part of our everyday lives. Why not combine sewing and tech by creating computer tablet cover. Now every time they log in to watch a YouTube video they may be inspired to look for a sewing tutorial for their next project. Who knows this tech-inspired project may lead to them using their tablets a little less (because they’re using their sewing machines a lot more).

Fabric Keychain

Fabric Keychains are simple, making them a great first project. Plus, you can never make too many because everyone needs a keychain. These fun little projects are great for learning to sew and making fun handmade gifts at the same time. As they require few materials they are also a fantastic way to make use of those small pieces of fabric which may otherwise go to waste. Kids love creative outlets from painting to playdoh but this project might show that your child’s creative flair is best brought to life at a sewing machine.

Oven Mitts

Is your kid a budding baker or chef? Use their existing passion as a gateway to sewing by creating some oven mitts. They make a fantastic project for kids as they get to use the finished product. What better way to enjoy the fun of a sewing machine than by bringing it into the kitchen and combining it with a love of cooking?

As with every skill, sewing takes some practice before you get mastery over it – especially as a kid. But with these fun creative kid-friendly sewing projects you can introduce your children to this fantastic hobby. Not only are the finished creations all fantastic but they are some of the simpler projects to work on making them excellent for kids to find their feet with a sewing machine. Try them out and let us know what your kids think – we’re sure they will enjoy them and fall in love with sewing.

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