8 Ideas for Winter Items You Can Sew at Home on Your Sewing Machine

8 Ideas for Winter Items You Can Sew at Home on Your Sewing Machine

The nights are drawing in and the frosty nip of winter is just around the corner, but that’s nothing to be down about as you can start to get cosy with chunky knits and cups of cocoa. For the crafty amongst us, now is the time to prepare and get going on those wintery projects so they’re ready in time for the chilly season. Here are some ideas for what you can sew at home on your sewing machine.

What Can I Sew for Winter?

Initially, rather than looking at what you can sew, look at what you need for winter. Are you going to need a warm overcoat for being out and about? Then start looking to see if you can find a winter coat sewing pattern. Make sure you find a pattern that accommodates your height, size and other measurements before investing in your sewing materials.

 Children's winter coat made by kellyhoogaboom via Flickr.com

Children's winter coat made by kellyhoogaboom via Flickr.com

Perhaps, if you already have a winter coat, you can look at how to accessorise it further by adding on a detachable faux fur collar. This can be easily achieved with some small sew-on snaps and a collar pattern. Sew the collar first and make sure it is to your liking and then attach to your coat or cardigan of choice.

Hemline Bronze Anorak Snaps - 15mm (10 Sets) 

What Can You Make on a Sewing Machine?

All of the above items mentioned can be made on your sewing machine but if you are looking for some simpler pieces that can easily be crafted with the use of your sewing equipment at home, perhaps look at things that have less fiddly attributes to them. For example, a simple pair of boot warmers can be crafted with some measured to size furry fabric, some elastic, rib knit and some bias tape. Measure the size of your boots, and sew the side seams of the furry fabric before inserting the elastic and rib knit at the top and bottom of it before rolling it over and creating a tube. These can then slip over your favourite pair of boots when out and about.

 Winter Hat & Mittens Illustrated Image with "Hello Winter" Caption

Another great example of something easily sewn on a machine is a nice hat, that can use a repurposed sweater or be created with a fabric of choice and an elasticated hem to make sure it fits to your head. Make sure to measure your fit carefully so that your winter hat definitely fits, and find a good winter hat sewing pattern for your needs.

 Hemline Hat Elastic: White - 4m x 1.3mm

Fingerless gloves are similar in that they are a great project to make on your sewing machine that doesn’t take too much time, effort, or materials. If you wanted something super snug, you could make some fleece mittens.


What Can I Sew for Christmas?

Here’s the big one, we all know that winter means Christmas, and with Christmas comes an array of crafting opportunities outside of the standard Christmas jumper. For one thing, you could make your own stockings, with a furry cuff, for those gifts that Santa will slide down the chimney. Having an overlocker will make joining the seams easier and more professional looking but it can be done on a regular sewing machine too.

Colorful red Christmas stocking hanging on a door image by freeimageslive.co.uk - christmashat

Beyond that, you could make your own winter dress for all those Christmas events coming up, with a winter dress sewing pattern and a fabric of choice, you can create your own frock for the festive season. In fact, you could re-purpose an old baggy sweater for the occasion by cutting the sleeves off and relining the shape. Having a dress form or sewing mannequin will make creating your own clothes significantly easier to see how it will fit. Embellish with some wintery decorations and make it your own!

 Cross Stitch Cushion Kit - Santa in a Plaid HatIf you’re looking for more Christmas ideas, check out our range of Christmas Crafts to keep you crafting well into the New Year!


What Can I Sew at Home?

All of these items can be made at home with the right equipment and a little know-how. Check out our range of sewing machines to find what’s right for you as well as our accessories, crafts and other add ons.


Keep an eye out for inspiration wherever you can, be it the BBC’s Sewing Bee winter week or patterns and crafts in shops and at craft fairs!

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