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The Best of r/sewing

Reddit is a much-loved website that has a home for every type of community out there, including advanced and budding sewists! It is a fantastic online space where sewers alike can get their sewing fix. From tutorial sharing for to quirky creations, questions and answers to some rather bizarre but cool ideas, it’s bound to get your cogs whirring and keep your brain full of ideas. Grab your Sewing Machine and let’s get to it!

In this post, we’ll be highlighting some of our favourite posts from the Reddit Sewing Feed year, giving you some real insight into a group of like-minded people that can spur you on in your sewing career!


Making the Cute, Cuter


Ever had a piece of clothing that you love the pattern on but not quite fond of the fit anymore? Check out how this individual crafted something super stylish from a dress made for lounging. We’re obsessed with this transformation and fit of the new piece that’s been created!


Repurpose and Recycle


In a world that’s trying to improve their carbon footprint, recycling and repurposing old stuff is more valuable than ever. But ever thought of repurposing an old, broken umbrella? This lady did and just look at how incredible her new raincoat is!


Mistakes Happen!



Everyone makes mistakes throughout their sewing life and some of them you can’t help but just laugh at! We giggled at this individual whos pattern just wasn’t quite right this time around…


Clever Finger Tips



Tips and tricks usually come to us in all sorts of ways, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this before! What an absolute genius hack for those who hate going forwards and backwards.


PomPom Perfect!



Sometimes it’s all about thinking outside the box and creating something that may seem impossible. This pompom top is a prime example, so unique and exactly what was desired!





It’s one thing to make yourself a matching outfit for you and your child, but it’s another level of cuteness to make some matching clothes for you and your pup!


 Simple yet Stylish



Ever bought something from a vintage store or charity shop and you love it but it’s just not quite right? Sometimes a simple tailoring session is all you need to make it fit just right.


Upcycle your Furniture!



Sometimes when we think of sewing in general, our mind goes straight to clothes and stuff we can style our outfits up with. But furniture is a thing too! Just look at this beautiful armchair that’s been upcycled into palm tree perfection!


Sewing + Cosplay = Heaven!



Off-the-shelf costumes can sometimes be a little bit on the naff side. They are usually fairly basic and made out of flimsy materials. Well, nows the time to up your game and create the costume of your dreams, look at this mini Oogie Boogie outfit!


Deck the Dress!



We love seeing creativity just like this, repurposing something into a festive masterpiece! Now, who would wear a skirt like this?


There really is a whole, wide world of creative sewists out there and the Reddit feed inspires us to grab our sewing machine and get working away on something we’ve never tried before! We’re already making notes on how we can up our game and create something we never imagined that we could.

Whether you’re well versed in patterns and bobbins, our you’re looking to buy your first ever beginners sewing machine, we hope that this post gives you a burst of inspiration and helps you dig deeper into your creative side.

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