Why You Should Consider Buying A Used Sewing Machine

Why You Should Consider Buying A Used Sewing Machine

When you find a new hobby, it’s easy to fall into the trap of overcommitting and spending too much money on your equipment. Buying a brand new host of materials and threads is part of the fun! That being said, if you’re new to the world of crafting, a used beginner sewing machine could suit your needs wonderfully. You don’t want to break your budget before you’re certain you’re committed to your craft. Even if you’re an advanced sewist, a used sewing machine can be a sensible choice for your kit!

If you’re on the fence, here are a few reasons why you should consider buying a used sewing machine.

They’ve Proven Sturdy

Any second-hand sewing machine you manage to buy has likely already completed a ton of work. Newer models of machines haven’t been as thoroughly tested since they’re straight out of the factory, but you can be confident that your used sewing machine can finish the job. Old school Singer sewing machines are built for durability, and every model will serve you well if new buys are off the table. 

They’re Environmentally Friendly

No need to worry about the packaging and the waste that come alongside a new machine! When you go for a used sewing machine, you’re helping the environment and making the most of models that may otherwise go to a landfill. There’ll always be a market for new appliances, which isn’t bad, but putting less pressure on factories to create large volumes of models means any new builds are also better quality.

They’re Often Cheaper

You pay for the luxury of having a brand new machine! If you’ve got more money in the bank, you may justify investing in a brand new advanced sewing machine, but that isn’t always the wisest move. Perhaps you’d like a bulky quilting machine and a compact sewing machine for when you’re on the move? Buying two appliances brand new is a big ask, whereas it’ll be much less pricey when they’re both second-hand.

They’re Advanced Enough

The technology of sewing machines isn’t moving particularly fast, so you’ll likely find that older models can handle any type of stitch or thread that you’d want to use anyway. More traditional builds with a mechanical style can be easier to navigate than your advanced machines with digital displays, so you may find that a second-hand, used sewing machine is easier to use. You can always upgrade to a new build once you’re more confident!

They’re Unique

With some scouting around charity shops and a bit of online shopping, you could quickly secure an incredible vintage machine! Whether you had your heart set on a Singer heavy duty sewing machine, but a brand new one felt out of reach, or you’ve always had an appreciation for older builds, you won’t struggle to find a robust, vintage model. What’s more, it’s unlikely that your friends will have a machine with as much history as yours in their collection!

They’ll Likely Last

As long as you make a wise and informed decision with your used machine, you ensure that any parts you may need to replace are still in manufacture, and you take the needle for a spin before you commit, your used machine has the potential to last as long as a new build would. When you’re buying from a reputable shop, they may still be able to offer you some guarantee, but your best bet is to thoroughly assess your machine’s condition for yourself before you settle on it.

You Can Upgrade Later

Should you fall in love with your used Singer sewing machine, you can run it into the ground before you decide to buy a brand new model! You won’t struggle to adjust to one of the more contemporary designs since every build is created with the same level of quality and detail. Contact us at Singer Outlet for advice on selecting a used Singer sewing machine or upgrading your current build to a newer model.

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