What is Cricut?[][]Cricut is a brand that creates machines for arts and crafts at home. Best known for their cutting machines, you can find a whole of array of products from them on this page, with machines, tools, materials and bundles all available to find via the navigation.[][]But it’s not just Cricut cutting machines, they also make heat presses, mug presses, accessories, and accoutrements to enhance your creative endeavours and help your items stand out with that personalised feel.[][]With a range of machines to serve different needs and purposes, you can get a Cricut cutter that’s ideal for you, from versatile machines that cover all manner of crafts, to more compact cutters for simple everyday projects. Find what’s right for you and your work space with machines that come in different sizes for your different creative needs.[][] [][]How does Cricut work?[][]A Cricut machine is both a vinyl cutting machine, and much more. With the ability to cut card, acetate, foil, burlap, canvas, cotton and so much more, the right machine can be a versatile and indispensable tool for crafters and creatives who are looking to take their projects to the next level.[][] [][]With a free, and easy to use, app, you can upload or customise designs, or use the Cricut library for inspiration. Design your idea from scratch or customise pre-existing items with names, slogans, images or whatever your imagination can come up with. Send your design to your printer with the push of a button, before aligning with your Cricut maker. Once you’re happy with how your piece will look, press the button and the Cricut digital cutting will begin in an instant.[][] [][]With accessories that help you cut heavier fabrics or finer lines, you can adjust your machine to the settings you want, with no need to have any design experience as the simplicity of setup makes learning as you go effortlessly fun![][]What Does Cricut Heat Press Do?[][]The Cricut heat presses can be used to transfer designs to fabric, without the guesswork of a simple hand-iron. The included app helps you with placement and shows you what your design will look like on the item in question before you’ve even done any cutting or craftwork.[][]Perfect for tour T-shirts, costume design, branding, customising your wardrobe and much, much more, it comes with precise temperature control and a collection of safety features to make sure you can design with peace of mind.[][]Cricut mug presses also allow you to transfer your own designs and messages onto mugs so you can make your morning brew that extra bit special. Perfect for gifting, create something both practical and unique at home with a Cricut mug press.[][] [][]Browse our collections today to find what you need for your Cricut maker or pick up a Circuit bundle to help you get going with all the essentials you could possibly need!

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