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A heat press is great for crafters looking to add a little flair to their designs with vinyl decals, and with a range of small but mighty appliances, a Cricut heat press is ideal for those looking for simple and efficient transfers. With the convenience of an iron but the heat of a heat press, Cricut has the heat press machine to suit your needs.[][] [][]What does a Cricut heat press do?[][]Apply decals and designs to clothes with ease and precision with a Cricut heat press, thanks to their even application of heat and speedy reaching of top temperatures. With the included app, you can set the time and temperature of the heat press to get the perfect application without running the risk of burning, melting, or curling, whilst the whole decal gets even pressure and heat. With an online heat guide too, you can get the ideal settings for whatever size, shape, and material you are using, making for perfect presses every time![][] [][]The Cricut EasyPress 3 is the top-of-the-range heat press, with Bluetooth® connectivity to instantly connect with the Cricut Heat app for optimal settings at a tap of your phone. Alternatively, opt for the Cricut heat press mini in the handheld EasyPress Mini. Great for awkwardly shaped items or extra-small projects, you can easily curve with contours making work on soft toys, shoes and more, simpler, and with greater success. You can even get in between seams with the pointed tip and lightweight manoeuvrability. [][] [][]The Cricut Hat Press is contoured perfectly for caps so you can add your own logo or slogan to them, with three heat levels to get the perfect transfer temperature for inks and vinyl. Add aesthetic flourishes to a bucket hat or beanie for festival season or support your local team with pride, and let the world admire your creativity.[][] [][]Not just for fabrics though, Cricut has moved their heat press technology into other areas to help crafters across the board to get the most out of their projects. The Cricut Mug Press allows you to customise your own kitchenware by uploading your own designs and applying them to a mug at the push of a button. [][] [][]With bundle sets across the Cricut Heat Press range, you can pick up heat press vinyl, cutting mats, tools and more to get you started in whatever your heat press needs, with everything you could desire all in one place and with a discount too. Discover our range below and buy today for fast and hassle-free delivery to your door.

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