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Cricut Joy is a portable cutting and writing machine perfect for customised cards, labels, and unique decals. Cute, compact, and easy to transport, you can craft wherever you are with this cutter that doesn’t clutter. Cricut Joy set-up is easy too, as it comes with a free app where you can upload designs or make the most of the pre-existing ones in the Cricut library, then cut and assemble. It’s as simple as that! With no need for design experience beforehand, you can learn as you use it, making it perfect for the crafting curious or teens who want to personalise their style.[][]Small enough to hold in the palm of your hand, its sleek design makes it a beautiful way to start creating DIY projects for yourself. Compatible with Smart Materials, it can make super easy cuts without a cutting mat when using these. It’s writing and drawing abilities mean you can monogram and label with perfect penmanship at your disposal.[][]Built in Bluetooth® makes connectivity quick and simple so you can see what the outcome will look likes straight away on your phone. Just load the material and go, making crafting accessible for anyone and everyone. With a Cricut Joy bundle, you can pick up the machine and all the accessories and items you need to get you started on your journey with a discount to boot. Check out our Cricut Joy bundle deals today to see what offers we have, like a Cricut Joy vinyl bundle that will help you get up and running with all your vinyl working needs.[][]Customise almost anything with the ability to cut vinyl, as you can use it as room decorations, stickers for notepads and stationery, and so much more. Use iron-on vinyl to make designs for your clothes so you can bring your ideas to life. Cricut Joy vinyl work isn’t all you can do though, with it being small enough to use on your desk; the cost, size, and capabilities of a Cricut Joy machine will have you wondering why you didn’t get your hands on one sooner. Practical, everyday projects become that much more fun with a touch of personalisation and creativity.[][]Able to cut materials up to five inches in width, it can cut through 50 different types of material, and is perfect for beginners. Professional quality designs in a matter of minutes with their rapid action mean you can alter and enhance almost any item you have without the time-consuming hassle or fuss. With applications for small business owners too, you can create logos and slogans for products and displays cheaply and efficiently to make your branding pop and stand out.[][]

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