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A Cricut machine is a great place to start for creating crafts at home or for help with a small business and its brand identity. Be it used as a vinyl cutting machine, or utilised to create your own card designs, fabric cut-outs or whatever else your imagination can conjure up, these versatile products make it fun and easy to create and craft.[][] Different Cricut Machines[][]Cricut has an array of different machines that can help with arts and crafts, and is perhaps best known for its vinyl cutting machine that cuts all manner of materials to shape and size for different needs and applications. With versatile cutting machines that are compact and convenient for everyday crafts, right through to larger machines that can deal with more heavy-duty materials, there’s plenty of choice in Cricut makers to help you with your projects.[][]But it’s not just cutting machines that Cricut make but also heat presses, mug presses and other crafting essentials. As a main stockist of Cricut products, we are very proud to be able to offer you the full range of Cricut machines. But what’s the difference between Cricut machines?[][]Well, the Cricut Maker range is the most versatile, with the ability to cut over 300 materials with an adaptive cut force. With 13 different tools to help you with your crafting you can get an extensive array of effects and features from it.[][] [][]The Cricut Explore range will cover most popular crafting projects and can comfortably deal with over 100 different types of materials, with a standard cut force and adjustable speed that can be used in conjunction with 6 tools.[][] [][]Cricut Joy is a portable machine that can produce customised cards, professional-looking labels, and decals, in a matter of moments. Cute, compact, and practical you can just load your material, upload a design and go![]Cricut Bundles[][]We offer an array of Cricut bundles across our machines so you can have the complete setup you need to help you get started or to get a project off the ground. With accessories and materials included, find the right bundle for what you want to do and order everything in one place.[][] Can a Cricut Cut Felt, Fabric, and Leather?[][]With the right Cricut machine, and attachments, you can cut a wide array of materials to the shape and size you desire. For example, most Cricut machines can cut felt with a fine-point blade whilst other fabric may require a rotary blade or bonded fabric blade. Thicker leather will most often require a deep point blade for your Cricut Maker or Cricut Maker 3, whilst thinner leather may need a knife blade or fine-point blade depending on what effect you are trying to achieve. It’s always worth looking into what blades are best used for each project, but the versatility of larger Cricut machines means they can deal with a comprehensive list of materials.

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