4 Sewing Activities For The Whole Family

4 Sewing Activities For The Whole Family

While crafting can be an excellent way to unwind, it doesn’t have to be an individual task. Sewing classes and creative workshops exist so you can benefit from the creativity of others! Being surrounded by people who also appreciate your hobby is empowering and inspiring. And often, the best support we can receive comes from our families! If you’re unsure where to start introducing your passion for sewing to your loved ones, you needn’t worry. At Singer Outlet, we believe everybody can benefit from the freedom and expression of crafting.

Here are 4 sewing activities for the whole family to try!



1. Sew Some Patchwork Together

When you think about it, family is like a patchwork quilt. It’s made up of unique, individual pieces sewn together to make one unit! For the perfect patchwork project, get every family member to choose three or four fat quarters they like. Cut them into identical squares and sew them together to form a quilt top. Your family can sew patchwork pieces together by hand or machine, as long as you leave a 6.5-millimetre seam allowance.

After your top patchwork layer is finished, you need two extra layers to form a quilt. Every quilt needs a top, central wadding and backing. The bottom, middle, and top layers should match length and width, or there’ll be uneven edges. Stitches used to hold layers together can be basic stab stitches to incorporate fancy patterns.


2. Create Cute Keychains

The entire family can enjoy and find some use out of keychains. Parents can pop their keyring on their car keys, while little ones can add their creation to the zipper on their bag. All you’ll need is some sturdy card, some pretty fabric, a few chains from any old keyrings and some buttons to accessorise.

Start by cutting cards into a cute shape, and use that as a template to trace outlines onto your material. Every keychain needs two pieces of fabric in an identical form! Hold both sides together with rough tack, and then add some stuffing between the pieces before you sew them properly together. You can recycle old fabric scraps into stuffing rather than buying new material. Fix your chain to the top of your design with stitches, and decorate with buttons or sequins.



3. Make Matching Baubles

Christmas ornaments are an easy craft! While they can only be used as decorations seasonally, you can complete this project any time in the year. You can choose to sew a felt bauble in the shape of a tree or a present following the exact instructions as the keychains, or you could make pom-poms attached to a ribbon. Try a Trimits Christmas penguin pom pom decoration kit, or give a polar bear a go. Every family member can compete and try to complete the craft as quickly as possible.

If you attempt felt baubles, the family can practise decorative stitching. Take one piece of felt and inscribe your initials with thread. Cut another piece of fabric into the same size and shape, and attach the pieces to create a two-sided bauble. Make sure you don’t forget to add a ribbon loop to secure your work to the branch.


canvas sewing

4. Experiment With Canvas Work

Sewing is art, and art means expression! We know the most rewarding projects don’t always ask for a lengthy set of instructions. Buy every member of the family a plain white canvas, buttons and sequins, and rounds of colourful thread. Encourage adults and children to sew a beautiful scene onto their blank piece. You’ll end up with a unique set of pictures to represent every family member, whether you choose to embroider letters or images.


Equally, you could buy one large canvas and tackle sewing and decorating a corner each. The finished result will be one gigantic artwork incorporating the entire family’s creativity! The idea is similar to a patchwork quilt, only better to put on display across the living room wall. Contact us at Singer Outlet for invaluable advice choosing thread and material for your family sewing projects.

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