Your Guide to Quilting Machines

Your Guide to Quilting Machines


Quilting is the process of securing three layers of fabric together. Most quilts are created by forming a ‘quilt sandwich’,

  1. A fabric top layer
  2. A fabric backing layer
  3. A layer of wadding or batting in the middle

The pattern of quilting stitches can be simple for beginners or progress into elaborately decorative. Specialist quilting machines, or long arm machines, offer a bigger workspace area to hold your quilt, making it easier to feed larger quilts through the machine.

Choosing a quilting machine can be a daunting task, particularly if you’re new to the hobby. Believe it or not, you don’t need an all singing all dancing machine to create something beautiful. Whether you’re an advanced free motion quilter or just falling in love with quilting for the first time, having the right machine makes all the difference. You could use just about any regular sewing machine for quilting if you had to. However, a quilting machine has a variety of add ons and capabilities that separate the two. The secret to machine quilting is taking your time and starting small. Don’t take on a huge project and knock your confidence. 

So, what should you be looking for when it comes to choosing a quilting machine? First, consider which type of quilting you’re wanted to create. Start by considering your sewing habits. Are you likely to want to knock out stunning queen-sized masterpieces straight away, or are marvellous mini quilts more your style? You also need to consider how portable you require your machine to be. Do you plan on visiting classes or going to sewing retreats with your machine? Or is it a permanent feature in your home?



The most important thing for quilting is space. When choosing your machine, consider the throat width -  will it fit your project? You also need to consider your workspace size. The best machines are the ones that have an extension table to help hold the weight of your quilt. The easier your machine can make your sewing life, the better.

Space isn’t just important as a beginner. Your quilting career may mean you’re regularly forcing large quilt projects through the limited workspace your machine offers. This might mean it’s time to consider a longarm quilting machine. The Singer Futura XL42 offers an extra-large workspace. The machine provides plenty of room for even your biggest projects, with 8.25 inches from the needle to the tower.

These are the starter points to consider when deciding which quilting machine is right for you. The right machine will transform your quilting skills and make you fall in love with the hobby straight away.


Stitching type

Whether you’re brand new to quilting or even the sewing world in general or an advocate for the hobby, understanding stitching type is always half the battle. When you learn the look each type of stitching can help you achieve, you better understand what you require from your sewing machine.

There are three main types of stitching that you’ll use most frequently; the straight stitch, the zig-zag stitch, and the blanket stitch. These are the most recognisable stitches and often will be the first ones you master before moving on to more intricate designs. When you’re more confident with quilting, decorative stitching can really transform your work. Quilting with decorative stitches is a great way to upgrade the quality of your piece, particularly with an accent border. The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960  comes with 600 built-in stitches! Fulfil your wildest creative dreams with their collection of stitching choices from basic to decorative and transform your quilting work.


Speed and stability

A high-speed machine should undoubtedly be a priority if you’re a serious quilter or even quilt for a living. Because these machines can sew at incredible speeds, they’re designed to be extremely sturdy and withstand extensive use. You’ll often find a quilting machine will offer a more generous workspace to increase stability. The Singer Patchwork 7285Q quilting and sewing machine offers both speed and stability with every stitch. It’s perfect for new and skilled sewers alike. The electronic speed control allows you to easily adjust the maximum sewing speed to the one you’re comfortable with while you find your quilting feet. This machine also comes with an extension table for increased workspace and practicality. 


Whether you’re just starting on your quilting journey or an avid fan, at Singer Outlet, we have the machine for you. If you have any other questions, contact our experienced and friendly team to get you started. Happy quilting!

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