Best Sewing Gadgets and Accessories

Best Sewing Gadgets and Accessories

This list of best sewing accessories is a follow-up to our list of sewing room essentials. In our sewing room essentials guide, we looked at the must-haves - the tools of the trade that will get you up and running and ready to tackle a slew of cool projects. In this guide, we will expand the contents of your sewing room with the best sewing tools and gadgets.

Technically these are non-essential (though they may be necessary for some projects). Still, they are all incredible and will increase your sewing capabilities whether you’re a sewing novice or expert! Suppose you are looking for some amazing additions to an intermediate or advanced sewist’s sewing room. In that case, this list has some great recommendations.


Dressmaking Mannequins

When you hit the big leagues of dressmaking, you will likely want a few additions to your sewing room. When striving for that perfectly fitted garment, a sewing mannequin will prove invaluable. Our essential tools list will get you far but, for dressmakers, a mannequin is a sewing room must-have. Whether you use them during the design process or to display your masterpiece, mannequins will prove a worthy investment for your sewing room.

Pattern Drafting Tools

We’re compiling a collection of tools in one spot here because they're all amazing and will help you elevate your sewing in one key way – altering patterns. Even the most difficult alterations can be made far easier with the right tools. Fill your supply draws with pattern tracing paper and pattern drafting tools like dressmaker squares and rulers as you move onto larger and more complex projects.

Mini Iron

For working with applique or pressing out seams, there is no better tool than a mini iron. Technically it’s not essential, and you can achieve similar results with a regular iron. However, attention to detail is what separates the beginner sewist from the professionals and seasoned hobbyists. A mini iron is lightweight and small, which will help you reach those parts you might miss with a regular iron. As you look to make each piece better than the last, you will inevitably find one of these amazing tools making its way into your sewing room.

Sewing Machine Bag

As you go through your sewing journey, you’ll reach a point where you can't part from your sewing machine. Whether you are travelling or just want a way to keep the sewing machine better protected, a sewing machine bag will serve you well. A luxury sewing machine bag will help you keep your machine by your side so you can work on projects no matter where you are.

Sewing Machine Feet

You don’t need to explore the plethora of sewing machine feet available when you're just getting started. You’ll probably just want to start with a beginner sewing machine and get used to it exactly as it is. However, eventually, you will expand your sewing palette and want a way to increase your options. Once you’ve got a few projects under your belt and start to expand your sewing room, you can add more feet to your collection. With a presser foot, there are near-infinite ways to increase your sewing machine’s functionality.

As you graduate from a beginner sewist to intermediate and beyond, you will undoubtedly add to your sewing room. Many tools and accessories are available to improve your process and help you create bigger, more elaborate projects. With so many options, it can be daunting trying to decide which sewing accessories to buy. With this list, we have, hopefully, helped you narrow down your options.

From upgrading your dressmaking to keeping your sewing machine in top condition and expanding its capabilities, sewing accessories can truly enhance your sewing experience. With the five examples in this guide alone, you can really transform your sewing room.

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