Overlocker Sewing Machines; What, Why & How Much?

Overlocker Sewing Machines; What, Why & How Much?

As sewists, we take great pride in every project we complete. We pay incredible detail to even the most intricate parts of a garment and continually look for ways to make each piece better than the last. We love to collect new sewing tools and machines. If it will make our next project, we want it. Whether for your own enjoyment or for the wonderful compliments and shocked “I can't believe you made that” - which even the most modest sewist secretly loves. If it will take our creations to the next level it has a chance of one day making it into our collection. 

In this guide, we are going to talk about one of our top picks for the next addition to your sewing room – the overlocker.

There comes a point in a sewist’s sewing career when they will want to add an overlocker sewing machine to their arsenal. But what exactly is an overlocker and are they worth it? With this post, we will help see the uses and utility of this incredible machine.


What Do They Do?

An overlocker’s primary use is finishing seams. Stitching the edge of the material, an overlocker is perfect for finishing garments and preventing the material from fraying. Generally, they will cut the edge of the material with a blade creating a clean edge. It then creates stitches by knitting two, three or four threads. 

An overlocker is an incredibly useful tool which can greatly increase the results of your sewing projects. As you progress in your journey as a sewist you will likely want to add one of these machines to your sewing room. It is the perfect companion to a fantastic sewing machine.


Is An Overlocker Sewing Machine Worth It?

When it comes buying an overlocker, it can be daunting. At first glance, they may seem expensive. If you’ve never used one before you may wonder whether they are worth the cost. Whilst compared to some smaller sewing room accessories, an overlocker's fixed price is high, yet few things will give you better value for money. The price point is more than justified in many ways.


How Much Do They Cost?

Firstly, they are not as expensive as you may expect. High-quality Singer overlockers are available from under £300. Once you factor in instalment plans, sales, display machines and refurbished overlockers you are never far from an amazing deal.


Sometimes You Need More Than A Sewing Machine

The point of an overlocker sewing machine is to elevate the quality of your projects and it definitely will. Based on this alone, a machine can quickly pay for itself. It will improve your projects’ quality and make otherwise out of reach projects attainable. An overlocker can work on materials other machines simply can’t – anyone who likes to work with stretch fabrics will best understand the utility of an overlocker.


You Will Use It – A Lot!

Furthermore, you will be using your new investment a lot! Almost every sewing project you work on can benefit from it, meaning the cost per use will rapidly come down. An overlocker sewing machine isn’t a “just in case” machine or something for special projects, it will become a staple part of your sewing process.


Is a Singer overlocker sewing machine worth it? We’d have to say it’s a resounding yes. If you’re ready to take your sewing to the next level, there is almost certainly a place in your sewing room for one.

An overlocker is one of the best investments you can make in your sewing room collection. In fact, it may be the second most important tool after a sewing machine for many sewists. There is a lot of utility in being able to join seams, cut off excess fabric and prevent fraying all with one machine.

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